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GB-OS System Software User's Guides (GB-OS System Software release 6.2.03)
GB-OS v5.2 User's Guide 18.2 MB
GB-OS v5.x User's Guide Japanese 5.2 MB
GB-OS v5.2 Quick Guide 396 KB
GB-OS v5.2 Console Guide 5.5 MB
GB-Ware v5.2 Users Guide 2.7 MB
GB-Ware v5.2 Quick Guide 464 KB

System Software Release Notes
Read the GB-OS 6.1.12 Release Notes
Read Previous Release Notes

Support Documents
GTA Planning Guide (US Letter) 980 KB
GTA Planning Guide (A4) 979 KB
GTA VPN: Connect to a Cisco PIX Firewall 633 KB
GTA VPN: Connect to Linksys Cable / DSL Router [ IKE ] 715 KB
GTA VPN: Connect to a Watchguard Firewall - [ Example Uses SOHO6 Interface ] 748 KB
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GTA Firewall Product Documentation
Product Hardware Specifications Datasheet
GTA Firewall Option Documentation
Product Feature Guide Datasheet
GTA VPN 3.7 MB 271 KB
H2A High Availability 1.18 MB 172 KB
Surf Sentinel 1 MB 155 KB
Mail Sentinel 2.94 MB 185 KB
GB Commander 2.1 5.4 MB 742 KB
GTA Reporting Suite 2.1 4.6 MB 571 KB
GB-OS Configuration Data XML Schemas
Schema File
GB-OS 5.2 Configuration Data XML Schema GB-OS 5.2 XML Schema

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