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GB-OS System Software User's Guides (GB-OS System Software release 6.2.03)
GB-OS v5.0 User's Guide 18.2 MB
GB-OS v5.0 User's Guide Japanese 5.2 MB
GB-OS v5.0 Quick Guide 396 KB
GB-OS v5.0 Console Guide 5.5 MB
GB-Ware v5.0 Users Guide 2.7 MB
GB-Ware v5.0 Quick Guide 464 KB

System Software Release Notes
Read the GB-OS 6.1.12 Release Notes
Read Previous Release Notes

Support Documents
GTA Planning Guide (US Letter) 980 KB
GTA Planning Guide (A4) 979 KB
GTA VPN: Connect to a Cisco PIX Firewall 633 KB
GTA VPN: Connect to Linksys Cable / DSL Router [ IKE ] 715 KB
GTA VPN: Connect to a Watchguard Firewall - [ Example Uses SOHO6 Interface ] 748 KB
Please refer to v3.7.x Documentation Section for Archived Support Documents.

GTA Firewall Product Documentation
Product Hardware Specifications Datasheet
GB-800 [Unlimited User]
GB-800e [Unlimited User]
GB-800 [50 User]
GB-800e [50 User]
GB-250 [25 User]
GB-250e [25 User]
GB-250 [10 User]
GB-250e [10 User]
GTA Firewall Option Documentation
Product Feature Guide Datasheet
GTA VPN 3.7 MB 271 KB
H2A High Availability 1.18 MB 172 KB
Surf Sentinel 1 MB 155 KB
Mail Sentinel 2.94 MB 185 KB
GB Commander 2.0 5.4 MB 742 KB
GTA Reporting Suite 2.0 4.6 MB 571 KB
GB-OS Configuration Data XML Schemas
Schema File
GB-OS 5.0 Configuration Data XML Schema GB-OS 5.0 XML Schema

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