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GTA Announces Anti-Virus Filtering on New Firewall Appliances
Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus powered by Kaspersky® Anti-Virus

Orlando, FL - December 8, 2004 - Global Technology Associates, Inc today announced Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus powered by Kaspersky Anti-Virus technology available on four new firewall appliances – GB-2000, GB-2000e, GB-250 and GB-250e. With the release of GNAT Box OS version 3.6 and Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus, GTA is offering customers an enhanced gateway solution with a commercial grade anti-virus module embedded in the firewall email proxy.

"GTA was driven by customer demand to include anti-virus filtering in our firewall products," said Paul Emerson, President of GTA. "After evaluating several products, GTA selected the Kaspersky Anti-Virus technology to power our AV solution. Kaspersky Lab is a leader in anti-virus detection, and their SDK allowed us to embed the solution within the small footprint of our firewall system software".

The Kaspersky Anti-Virus technology provides full-featured, advanced anti-virus filtering within our firewall email proxy without compromising firewall throughput. GTA’s Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus is enabled by entering a simple activation code, thus eliminating the need for downloading and installing separate software.

GTA's new firewall products are designed for the SME market. Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus provides the most up-to-date anti-virus definitions downloaded automatically. The GB-2000 firewall family offers enterprise level perimeter security, and the GB-250 firewall family is a total perimeter solution for smaller businesses or remote offices.

"We are very pleased to be integrated with Global Technology Associates’ firewall appliances," said Kaspersky Lab’s Business Development Director Vitaly Bezrodnykh. "Over the last five years, the number of malicious programs which Kaspersky Anti-Virus software detects has increased almost 80 times. This is because up to several hundred new viruses appear every week. More importantly, many viruses spread lightning fast penetrating the whole addressable audience on the Internet as fast as in a few hours. Therefore it has become of utmost importance that email and Internet users can have their virus protection updated on timely basis and as far out on the network as possible".

"By announcing hourly updates to its anti-virus databases, first in the industry, Kaspersky Lab has significantly raised email users' protective shield from the industry's typical once a day update frequency. As additional advantage for technology partners based in North America, Kaspersky Lab provides local technical support in US and Canada specially focused on complex technology integration projects. By integrating Kaspersky Anti-Virus into their firewalls, GTA has enabled their customers to provide timely and accurate protection against viruses for their users well before users even see the malicious content", adds Mr. Bezrodnykh.

GTA's new firewalls (GB-2000, GB-2000e, GB-250 and GB-250e) featuring Mail Sentinel Anti-Virus will be available with the release of GNAT Box OS version 3.6.

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