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Global Technology Associates Selects Cerberian's Web Filter for its Network Security Solutions
GTA to incorporate Cerberian's Web Filter in firewall product family

Orlando, FL - August 6, 2002 – Global Technology Associates (GTA), a worldwide leader in cost-effective network security solutions, today announced that it has entered into an OEM agreement with Cerberian. As a result, GTA will incorporate Cerberian's Web Filter into GTA's product line of firewall and virtual private network solutions, including the GB-1000 Firewall/VPN Appliance, RoBoX Firewall Appliance and GB-Flash Firewall.

"The Cerberian Web Filter allows us to offer all our customers, regardless of the size of their organizations, a full-featured content filtering service with a database of more than several million categorized URLs," said Paul Emerson, president of GTA. "Our customers have come to expect the best from GTA. We feel that updating our Internet filtering solution with Cerberian's value-added service is a positive step for our company and in the best interest of our customers. This alternative content filter offering reflects our desire to deliver the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions to our customers."

"Cerberian continues to make large strides into the network security marketplace with valuable partnerships with leading security solutions providers like GTA," said Jeff Smith, president of Cerberian. "We are confident that GTA opted to update its filtering technology with the Cerberian Web Filter as a result of our small footprint and unique architecture that delivers the fastest, most accurate Internet filtering solution available. Cerberian's managed technology will provide GTA's customers greater control over their Internet usage, as well as greater confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their filtering solution."

The Cerberian Web Filter is an outsourced service, specifically designed for firewall and VPN solutions like the GNAT Box family of products. The filter features a small, ultra-light footprint that integrates easily with GTA's products. Cerberian's proprietary Dynamic Real-Time Rating and content vectoring technologies reads and rates URLs in real-time that have not been previously categorized and stored in Cerberian's database. URLs that were not previously categorized are put into one of Cerberian's 55 content categories and immediately become available to all Cerberian customers.

GTA is one of the pioneers of the network security marketplace, and today offers a full complement of hardware and software firewalls for all sizes of organizations -- from small offices to large corporations. By incorporating Cerberian Web Filter into the GNAT Box System Software, all these users can also now easily and cost-effectively implement Internet Access Management, making GTA's outstanding price-performance ratios even better.

About Cerberian

Cerberian, Inc., develops Internet content filtering technology uniquely designed as a value-added service for network appliance manufacturers and service providers. Cerberian's flagship product, Cerberian Web Filter, provides the most effective and efficient filtering solution available, ensuring a safer, more productive Internet experience for businesses, homes, and schools. Cerberian Web Filter offers businesses an affordable and easy-to-manage Internet filtering solution that is integrated directly on their existing network hardware.

About Global Technology Associates, Inc.

Global Technology Associates, Inc., is a world leader in cost-effective network security solutions; its products include firewall/VPN appliances and firewall/VPN system software.  Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the privately held company has since 1994 been the developer of firewalls that lead the market in price/performance.  GTA has international distribution partners in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia/Oceania.


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