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GTA Announces GNAT Box System Software Version 3.2
GTA releases the latest version of its firewall system software

Orlando, Florida - August 6, 2001 - Global Technology Associates, Inc. (GTA), a worldwide leader in cost-effective network security solutions, today announced the release of GNAT Box System software version 3.2.  The new system software release will be available for GNAT Box Pro Firewall System, GB-Flash Firewall System, GB-100 Firewall Appliance and the GB-1000 Firewall/VPN Appliance. The new software update includes enhancements to the graphical user interfaces, High Availability feature and system configuration verification.  The version 3.2 system software now includes support for the PPPoE protocol which is fast becoming the de-facto standard for ADSL service.

Also included in the system software update in a new mobile VPN licensing model, which will streamline the installation and use of the GNAT Box VPN client. "Version 3.2 is our second system software release this year and continues with GTA's commitment to deliver at least two major releases per year," said Paul Emerson, President and CEO of Global Technology Associates, Inc.  Emerson went on to say, "We expect to have another system software release ready by December which should include some exciting new features" The system software is available for download for eligible end-users through GTA's new online support center.  Version 3.2 system software will be made available for download at no charge to all licensed 3.x system software users until 1 September 2001.  Users outside the United States and Canada should contact their local support supplier.

About Global Technology Associates, Inc.

Global Technology Associates, Inc., is a world leader in cost-effective network security solutions; its products include firewall/VPN appliances and firewall/VPN system software.  Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the privately held company has since 1994 been the developer of firewalls that lead the market in price/performance.  GTA has international distribution partners in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia/Oceania.


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