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GNAT Box Firewall Software Comes to Switzerland
GTA Signs Swiss Company

Lusanne, Switzerland (October 17, 1997) Dialogue Logique Conseil and Global Technology Associates, Inc. disclosed today that they have reached an agreement for the Swiss networking company to resell the popular GNAT Box software in Switzerland. Terms of the agreement were not made public.

GNAT Box utilizes GTA's field-tested network transparency technology to protect an internal network from external threats while allowing internal users easy access to the Internet. By relying on stateful packet inspection, the GNAT Box prevents any attempt to gain unauthorized access by keeping tracking information on all packets passing through the firewall. Only returning packets that have been registered by the GNAT Box are allowed into the internal network.

Swiss companies and organizations in search of a proven and NCSA-certified network security solution, but concerned about price and costly support will find GNAT Box the perfect answer. Its low cost, minimal hardware requirements, unlimited user license, and ease of use make GNAT Box the most cost-effective firewall on the market today.

About Dialogue Logique Conseil

Dialogue Logique Conseil is a division of the Swiss GMG Group and was created in 1994 to better serve the specialized networking needs of the parent group's clientele. Dialogue Logique Conseil is comprised of a team of professional and experienced technicians, who are committed to providing the most complete and secure networking solution available. Contact Roland Jaeggi at Dialogue Logique Conseil at 21.648.14 4 or email for more information.

About Global Technology Associates, Inc.

Global Technology Associates, Inc. is the developer and supplier of IP network security systems that protect an organization's computing resources both on the Internet and internal intranets. GTA's products for IP network security include the GFX Internet Firewall System and GNAT Box firewall software. GTA has distributors located in Japan, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Korea, Australia, South Africa . GTA's customers include those in the banking and insurance industry, healthcare, education, scientific research and ISPs worldwide. GTA is a privately held US corporation founded in 1992 with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Contact GTA at +1.407.380.0220 , email, or on the web

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