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Cutting Edge American Internet Security Technology
Comes to South Africa
Johannesburg and Cape town Companies to Market GNAT Box Firewall

Orlando, Florida (13 August 1997) -- Global Technology Associates, Inc. (GTA), the developer of Internet security products, announced plans today to market its revolutionary security software in South Africa through two local firms. The Gauteng-based company, GMT Connectivity, will focus its attention on marketing activities in the highveld, while LAN Solutions (PTY) Ltd. will concentrate its efforts in the Cape region. Both organizations have extensive experience in designing, installing, and supporting local area and wide area computer networks.

The National Computer Security Association-certified GNAT Box Firewall software is specifically designed to protect an organization's computer network from unauthorized access via the Internet. The software's unique design combines security with network address translation and complete transparent network access for TCP/IP-based applications in an efficient and compact system that fits entirely on a 3.5" stiffy. For all its sophistication, however, GNAT Box is easy to install and simple to use with a choice of console interface or a graphical web browser-based interface for remote management. The software is sold with an unlimited user license and can support over 16,000 concurrent network sessions.

What makes the GNAT Box especially attractive to South Africans is its ability to deliver the same high performance and many of the capabilities of expensive firewalls at a fraction of the cost. "With low-end hardware requirements of a 386 CPU or better, 8Mb RAM, a 3.5" disk drive, and two network cards, businesses of any size can take advantage of the Internet without risking their corporate data," says Paul Emerson, President of GTA.

About GMT Connectivity

Since its inception in 1990, GMT Connectivity has grown to be a formidable force within the local and wide area network arena. GMT Connectivity is a solutions house, whose foremost expertise lies in LANs and WANs, as well as LAN to mainframe communications. Further expertise includes in-depth technical knowledge of NetWare, Unix, OS2, Windows NT, Windows95, email, and network management. Contact GMT Connectivity at 011-706-5508 or email

About LAN Solutions

LAN Solutions specializes in supplying affordable LAN management and productivity solutions for all types and sizes of computer networks. It is committed to providing innovative and cost-justifiable products, without sacrificing performance and flexibility to its clients. In addition to providing high quality networking products, LAN Solutions supplies training and support in network management. Contact LAN Solutions at 021-683-1524 or email

About Global Technology Associates, Inc.

Global Technology Associates, Inc. is the developer and supplier of IP network security systems that protect an organization's computing resources both on the Internet and internal intranets. GTA's products for IP network security include the GFX Internet Firewall System and GNAT Box firewall software. GTA has distributors located in Japan, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Korea, Australia, South Africa . GTA's customers include those in the banking and insurance industry, healthcare, education, scientific research and ISPs worldwide. GTA is a privately held US corporation founded in 1992 with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Contact GTA at +1.407.380.0220 , email, or on the web

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