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GTA Signs Australian Distributor
LANVISION to Distribute GNAT Box in Australia

Sydney, Australia (20 June 1997) -- LANVISION, a division of the Starcom Group, has won the distribution rights for Global Technology Associates, Inc. industry-leading GNAT Box Firewall software in Australia and the Pacific Region.

GTA's revolutionary GNAT Box is the first truly affordable firewall solution for the PC platform, delivering the power and many of the capabilities found in firewalls costing ten times more.

The GNAT Box software provides firewall capabilities, network address translation (NAT), and transparent network access for TCP/IP based applications in an efficient and compact system that requires no hard disk.

"With low-end hardware requirements of a 386 CPU or better, 8Mb RAM, a 3.5" floppy disk drive and two network cards, this solution is easily accessible to businesses of any size wanting to utilise the advantages of the Internet without risking their corporate data," said Paul Emerson, President of GTA.

"I think our teaming with LANVISION is ideal, as the Australian and Pacific markets are hungry for internet connectivity and affordable solutions. LANVISION has proven it can deliver the desired products to this marketplace," he said.

"With very aggressive pricing, organisations who want to benefit from the Web but found firewall costs prohibitive can easily afford the GNAT Box Firewall," said Charles Heunemann, National Sales Manager for LANVISION.

"This product is very user-friendly with a choice of an easy to use console interface or a graphical web browser based interface for remote management. GNAT Box comes with an unlimited user licence and can support up to 16,000 concurrent network sessions.

"Version 2.0 of GNAT Box, due in early July, will include PPP support, inbound and outbound filtering plus a host of enhancements to its existing feature set," he said.

GNAT Box will be available directly from LANVISION's network of resellers. The terms of the distribution agreement between LANVISION and Global Technology Associates were not disclosed.


LANVISION is a wholly owned division of Starcom Group and has been in the specialist distribution market for five years. LANVISION market focus is to provide clear technical and commercial benefits for its resellers and end user customers. LANVISION's product focus is in Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery services, Web Security and Web Productivity tools. LANVISION's products include GTA's GNAT Box Web Security Firewall, NetPartners WebSENSE Web productivity tool., Legato NetWorker Data Recovery and Backup software and MiraLink Off-SiteServer V.35 Disaster Recovery Systems.

Contact LANVISION by telephone 61 2 9882 0088, fax 61 2 9882 0098 email Charles Heunemann.

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