End of Life Statement

Product: CyberNOT Content Filtering


Global Technology Associates is announcing end of life for CyberNOT Content Filtering option on GTA Firewalls. Sales of CyberNOT Content Filtering products will be discontinued effective January 2, 2003. CyberNOT Content Filtering will no longer be supported in GNAT Box System Software version 3.4, anticipated for release in Spring 2003. Content filtering will continue to be available on GTA Firewalls via subscription to Surf Sentinel.


Last order date December 31, 2002
Last subscription renewal date December 31, 2002
Last supported software version GNAT Box System Software ver 3.3.x

Part Numbers Covered by this EOL Announcement

Product Number Description
GBC-0900-12-001 CyberNOT Access Control License 1 yr 5000 users
GBC-0900-12-002 CyberNOT Access Control License 1 yr 25 users

Current CyberNOT Subscriptions

End Users with current CyberNOT subscriptions are advised not to update GNAT Box System Software to ver 3.4 or later when available, but to continue running GNAT Box System Software ver 3.3.x or earlier. CyberNOT lists updates for current subscribers running GNAT Box System Software ver 3.3.x or earlier, will continue to be available until end of subscription or product discontinuance by Surf Control.

GTA will offer a trade-up program for subscribers of CyberNOT who wish to migrate to Surf Sentinel. Details of trade-up program will be made available at a later date.

Discontinuance of CyberNOT FAQ

  1. Why has GTA decided to discontinue CyberNOT Content Filtering?
  1. Advancements have been made in content filtering products which led to GTA partnering with Cerberian to offer Surf Sentinel. Surf Sentinel provides our customers with a dynamic content filtering solution with enhanced features.
  1. How long will current CyberNOT subscriptions be valid?
  1. CyberNOT subscriptions will be valid until the end of the current subscription date for those customers who continue to run GNAT Box System Software ver. 3.3.x or earlier.
  1. What happens to the CyberNOT subscription if a customer upgrades to version 3.4.x or later?
  1. If a customer chooses to upgrade to ver 3.4 or later, they will forfeit the remainder of their CyberNOT subscription.
  1. How does this announcement affect customers with both CyberNOT and support contracts that include upgrades?
  1. Customers with support contracts and CyberNOT who wish to continue to utilize CyberNOT should not upgrade their systems beyond ver 3.3.
  1. Will GTA be offering a refund for support contract for the unused portions if the customer desires to continue using CyberNOT?
  1. No, no refunds will be issued.
  1. What migration path is GTA offering to CyberNOT customers?
  1. GTA will announce a trade-up program for current CyberNOT customers who wish to migrate to Surf Sentinel.