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Introducing GB-OS Version 6.2

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GB-OS 6.2 presents numerous enhancements and new features for GTA firewall UTM appliances. GB-OS updates include new country blocking configuration options, additional report types and graphs, threat management and high availability enhancements, certificate management additions, IPv6 updates, and abundant web interface upgrades. GB-OS 6.2 also provides 64-bit support for GB-2100 and GB-2500. GB-Ware includes both 64-bit and 32-bit support.

Certificate management updates include the addition of pkcs#7 format, CRLs and the ability to revoke certificates. High Availability features improved slave and group updating for easier failover management utilizing multiple firewalls, and an increased VRID range. Threat management updates protect your network and resources with up-to-the minute technology. The power of GTA's Mail Proxy is boosted with support for EHLO and ESIZE commands and the addition of a DNS white list. The Web Filtering subscription option includes new refined content categories, providing more granular web access control for employees.

Web interface improvements include menu navigation modifications, country flags, updated monitoring and activity pages and updated configuration wizards. These modifications and new elements aide administrators in configuring and managing GB-OS powered firewalls. Configuration verification messages and log messages have also been updated for improved firewall administration.

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Country Blocking

GB-OS 6.2 features more granular network control with the addition of country blocking. Administrators can now allow or deny access based upon IP address country codes. With configuration selections including countries and regions, organizations can easily fine-tune the level of country blocking needed while maintaining access for those allowed. Administrators can also choose to use a country code whitelist. This whitelist will override existing country block settings. Automatic updates for the country IP database make's firewall management easier and ensures up-to-date country IP identification. The country IP database automatic updates require a valid support contract.

Viewing country data and managing country blocks is simple and intuitive with GB-OS monitoring and reporting features. Firewall administrators can now filter active connections by country to view current activity. In the security policies monitoring section, a counter tracks the number of allowed/denied country blocks for instant feedback and aides in the management of security polices. Reports are also available displaying allowed and denied inbound and outbound connection data by country. The customizable reports, available in daily to yearly time frames, provide valuable insight in a concise format for organizations of all sizes.


GTA has improved and expanded the integrated reporting features in GB-OS 6.2. New report types, graphical data displays and more configuration controls provide system administrators with accurate and easy-to-read data on network activity. New features for GB-OS 6.2 include the ability to save report data to USB devices, the display of usernames versus IP addresses in reports, and the ability to individually turn on or off reporting and logging data for the Mail Proxy and Content Filtering options. These feature improvements provide more user-friendly reports for easier firewall management.

Administrators can generate reports containing all vital information and networking trends for each firewall. Network traffic, VPN traffic as well as data from GTA's Content Filtering service and the Mail Proxy Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus options are available for easy viewing and review. Report options also allow administrators to designate the time-frame for the included data - from the past 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or even the past year. Reports are available for instant download or can be scheduled. Scheduling reports makes monitoring firewalls easier and more consistent, with reports emailed at the designated time. Historical Statistic graphs are fully customizable, allowing administrators to choose the graph colors that fit a companies needs - whether for easier printing, sharing, or on-screen display.

Remote Access

With GB-OS, accessing network resources is as easy as a swipe and a tap of the finger. With support for iPhones, iPads, Android-powered mobile devices and more, users can securely access protected networks. GB-OS's remote access options provide users with seamless connection to the network. Users can be allowed access to files, applications and internets from anywhere the job may take them. GTA's ever-expanding remote access options include the GTA Mobile IPSec Client, SSL Client, SSL Browser, PPTP and L2TP methods. Easy to configure and implement, GTA's remote access features provide the flexibility, performance and reliability needed in today's world.

Automatic Backup

Administrators can rest assured vital firewall configurations are backed up with GB-OS' automatic backup feature. Enabling the automatic backup feature will create a backup of the system configuration every time a change is made and saved during Live mode. Backups can be emailed, saved to a USB device, or saved to a remotely secure cloud storage location. Emailed file formats include XML, Z-Zip and Zip. Backups can also be downloaded and imported from cloud storage or a USB device.

GB-OS as a Total Security Solution

GTA Firewall UTM systems combine both standard and advanced features into one easy-to-use firewall UTM system. Whether you choose plug-and-play for basic perimeter security or more advanced options like Gateway Failover and IP Aliasing, you'll experience the ease of use of GTA's proprietary secure operating system.

Adding optional features such as additional mobile VPN clients, Mail Proxy Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus subscriptions, Web Filtering or H2A High Availability is easy with a simple activation code. There is no additional hardware or software installation required.

Standard Features for GB-OS

Automated System Software Updates - Automated updates reduce the time and complexity of keeping GB-OS up-to-date with patch releases and version upgrades. System administrators may elect to schedule the GTA firewall UTM system to check for updates on a regular basis or to utilize the update feature to retrieve activation codes for installing optional features such as additional Mobile VPN client licenses or Mail Proxy Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam subscriptions.

Network Address Translation - Stateful packet inspection and application firewall techniques combine with a powerful address translation mechanism to provide complete transparent network access to external and DMZ networks for IP-based applications.

VPN - Integrated industry standard IPSec virtual private networking for both site-to-site installations and remote mobile users means that secure remote access can be a reality for even the smallest organization. GB-OS contains comprehensive VPN features such as certificate support, NAT through VPN, VPN keep alives, and VPN failover. Several remote access options are available, including the GTA Mobile IPSec VPN Client, PPTP, L2TP, SSL Browser and SSL Client. Easy to install and setup, these flexible VPN options allow remote workers to securely access protected networks.

Intrusion Prevention System - Intrusion Prevention System is a powerful security feature available in GTA Firewall UTM systems. By comparing data packets against over 4000 signatures, GTA Firewall UTM systems will protect networks from a variety of exploits including Web attacks, telnet, RPC, database, NetBIOS, multimedia, email, FTP, network services, DoS/DDos, peer to peer and backdoor attacks. Users will be able to selectively activate IPS rules on their system, while updated signatures will be automatically delivered to firewalls with upgrades enabled through GTA support offerings.

DoS and Intrusion Detection - Organizations are protected against unauthorized access and attempts to penetrate the perimeter security with GTA's Firewall UTM systems. Firewall logs and alarms are generated based on rule sets established by the firewall administrator.

Graphical Configuration Verification Alerts - Graphical configuration verification alerts - red, yellow and green lights - which indicate whether the firewall UTM system configuration contains potential errors that may result in the system not functioning as expected. Especially useful during initial configuration or configuration modifications, these verification alerts are active in both live and test modes, so alerts for possible configuration problems are easily identified.

XML Configuration Export/Import - Exported XML configuration files can be edited offline for use on GTA Firewall UTM systems or for use with other third party version control, reporting and monitoring applications. Large configuration sections, such as authentication, can be uploaded to a GTA Firewall UTM system in XML format.

Optional Features for GB-OS

Mail Proxy Anti-Spam - The Anti-Spam option allows organizations to add spam control to the email proxy running on GB-OS based devices. (Subscription based option).

Mail Proxy Anti-Virus - The Anti-Virus feature allows organizations to add SMTP based virus control to the the email proxy running on GB-OS based devices. Included feature with a valid GTA support contract.

Web Content Filtering - GTA's Web Filtering service allows organizations to increase productivity while reducing liability of access to unproductive or inappropriate web sites. (Subscription based option).

GTA Mobile VPN Client - Add additional GTA Mobile VPN Clients. Available in single client or multi-user packs.

H2A (High Availability) - H2A provides your organization with firewall redundancy, assuring that firewall downtime does not mean network access downtime.


Your purchase of a GTA Firewall UTM system includes 60 days of software updates and 30 days of up-and-running support available through GTA's technical support staff in North America, and internationally through an authorized GTA Channel Partner.

GTA support programs provide remote assistance with on-going maintenance of your GTA Firewall UTM firewalls and software. GTA offers a variety of support options. Contact your local authorized GTA Channel Partner or ask GTA's helpful sales staff to match support offerings to your organization's needs. Remote or on-site technical support may also be available through your authorized GTA Channel Partner.

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