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ICSA Certified
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ProductPart Number
GB-Ware 10 UsersFSP235-0010-00000
GB-Ware Unrestricted UsersFSP235-9999-00000
GB-Ware EnterpriseFSP500-9999-00000

Feature Specifications

Feature10 UserUnrestrictedEnterprise
Concurrent Users10UnrestriectedUnrestricted
Concurrent Connections1,000128,0003 Million*
PPP Configurations555
Static Routes103001,024
Security Policies (for each type)7540012,500
IP Aliases53001,024
IP Pass-through Hosts10300300
Address Objects756001,024
Time Group Objects75100256
VPN Security Associations2060010,000
Defined VPN Users507507,500
Mobile VPN Users (max concurrent)103005,000
Mobile IPSec VPN Licenses Included222
GTA SSL VPN Client Licenses Included222
DNS ServerOptionalStandardStandard
DNS DomainsOptional2020
DNS HostsOptional500500
DNS NetworksOptional8080
Network Interfaces**234
* Memory dependent
**Expandable to 20 interfaces with option


Firewall Modes & System Features
GB-OS Version 6.1.6
Virtual Machine host support
Stateful Packet Inspection
Threat Management Features
Secure Transparent NAT
Encrypted Remote Management
VM Host Support: VMWare, XenServer, VirtualBox
Networking / Connectivity
PSN (DMZ) (optional on 10 user version)
Interface Bridging
IP Aliasing
IP Pass-through
Stealth Mode
Time-based Filters
Static Routing
Address Objects
Gateway Failover Selector [Multiple WAN Support]
Dynamic Gateway Architecture
Gateway Selector
PPPoE / PPP / DHCP Client / PPTP Client
USB GSM Modem / ISDN Support / Async Modem Support / PAP & Chap Auth
VLAN Tagging
User Authentication
Active Directory Single Sign-On
Network Time Service [NTP]
DHCP Server
Dynamic DNS
DNS Proxy
SMTP Email Proxy
Multiple Email Domains Supported
HTTP Proxy [Traditional and Transparent]
DNS Server (optional on 10 user version)
Traffic Management
Traffic Shaping (BGP, OSPF, RIP v1, v2)
Policy Based Routing (Source, Destination, Port/Service)
Bandwidth Management
Content Filtering
Local Content Lists (Allow Deny URL's)
Access Control Lists (Policies)
Time Based Policies
Block Java, Javascript, ActiveX
Intrusion & DoS Prevention
Alarm Coalescing
Customizable IPS Policies
Customizable Alarm Thresholds
IP Spoofing Protection
DoS Prevention and Alerting
Email and SMS Alarm Notifications
Remote Logging to GTAsyslog [WELF Format]
SNMP Management Read
Active VPN Tunnel Status


VPN Hardware Acceleration (optional)
IPSec Standard
NAT-T Support
Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
VPN Certificate or Pre-shared Secret Authentication
Outbound Access Control
Remote Network Access Control
Inbound Access Control
Manual Key Exchange
Mobile VPN Client Support
Full Strength Encryption
DES, 3DES, AES, Blowfish, Camellia
SHA-1, SHA-2 and MD5 Digital Signatures
GTA SSL Mobile VPN Client
SSL VPN Web Browser Access

Network Interfaces Supported

10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
100 Base-SX Fiber Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet


VPN Harware Acceleration support
Multi-interface option (provides support for up to 20 interfaces)
Mail Proxy Anti-Spam Subscription Option
Mail Proxy Anti-Virus Feature (Requires 512MB (or larger) Compact Flash or hard disk)
Web Content Filtering Subscription Option
Additional GTA Mobile VPN Client Licenses
Additional GTA SSL Mobile VPN Client Licenses
GTA certified 1GB Compact Flash
Support Contracts
Additional Options for GB-Ware 10 user version
User Upgrades for GB-Ware 10: 25, 50, Unrestricted, Enterprise
Plus Services Upgrade for GB-Ware 10 user version (DMZ and DNS server)
User Upgrades for GB-Ware Unrestricted: Enterprise

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