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GTA History
Global Technology Associates, Inc. is a privately held US corporation established in 1992 and located in Orlando, Florida. Founded as a flexible company of highly motivated software engineers, GTA originally specialized in the development of high performance custom computing environments.

GTA began its life as a consulting firm engaged in the design and implementation of high-end computing and network solutions for several Fortune 500 firms in Asia. With our extensive knowledge base of Unix experience, application development and system integration, we developed solutions that ranged from real-time data acquisition to virtual environments.

The rapid growth of the global information network gave rise to an increase in unauthorized access to networks and systems connected to the Internet. This very real threat has fueled the demand for a significant network security solution. At GTA, our software engineering staff took up the challenge to design and develop an affordable Internet security system that would meet the needs of Internet connected organizations.

The company was one of the first entrants into the network security marketplace and has been at the forefront of industry efforts to provide high quality, yet cost-effective network security products. The company’s first commercial firewall, the GFX Internet Firewall System was introduced in January 1994 and was one of the first firewalls to be certified by the National Computer Security Association, now the International Computer Security Association (ICSA).

In 1996, the company designed and developed the pioneering GNAT Box Firewall software. With the introduction of this simple, easy to use firewall, GTA became a leader in cost-effective network security solutions. Since 1996, the GNAT Box System Software has evolved and currently serves as the basis for all GTA’s firewall products including the SME Family and RoBoX Family of Firewall/VPN Appliances, GB-Flash Firewall System and GNAT Box Pro.

In October 2001, GTA released the RoBoX Firewall Appliance, the next generation of GTA’s GNAT Box family of firewall products. Designed for smaller offices, its heritage is based on the GNAT Box system software. Its destiny is to be the remote office/branch office Internet security solution.

GTA’s firewall products are used internationally by a diverse user community ranging from small nonprofit organizations to members of the Fortune 500. Solid and innovative engineering, quality customer service and a global perspective have helped place GTA at the forefront of delivering the most technologically advance, yet cost effective network solutions for a rapidly changing world.

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